Check out the Jacob's Porch Group on Facebook for up to date information on what’s going on and how to get involved, including details upcoming events, notes, and more. We invite you to like the Jacob's Porch Page on Facebook for information on what we are up to at the Porch as well.


We invite you to join the Jacob’s Porch group message here to connect with other Porch members, ask questions, and hang out with the community.


Text "@jacobspo" to 81010 for event updates and reminders

Twitter & Instagram

We invite you to connect with us on Twitter & Instagram

Announcements bulletin board

At the fantastic and colorful bulletin board around the corner from the water fountain, you can sign up to attend the advance, order a t-shirt, and get details from Sunday announcements.

One-on-One Board

A one-on-one is a chunk of time (often about an hour) set aside to intentionally spend time getting to know another Porch person on a deeper level. The time together can look like whatever you want it to, and you are encouraged to challenge each other in humility, vulnerability, and dignity. 

The one-on-one board is to the left of the sanctuary entrance above the info table. Feel free to leave your name, contact, and availability, or reach out to someone already on the board to set up a one-on-one. Also catch one-on-ones during Prayer Altar during Worship, and at our Fall and Swinter Advances