Since 1926 Jacob's Porch has been a constant at Ohio State's Campus


Where does this place come from?

Born in 1926 out of a Lutheran church in German village, Jacob's Porch has taken on  many different shapes and sizes over the years. Established as the University Lutheran Chapel, this place served campus families and students for many years. In there early 1990's, we became a ministry specifically of college students from The Ohio State University and other central Ohio colleges and universities. While Jacob's Porch has a foundation within the Lutheran tradition, today we serve students from all kinds of backgrounds: Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Agnostic, people just figuring things out, and everything in between. In 2009 we became Jacob's Porch. We continue to be a place where people can wrestle through who they are and who Jesus is within community. No matter where you are on the broad spectrum of humanity (gender, sexuality, race, wage) this place is not whole without you.